Tuesday, November 1, 2011


I was on Bicoastal Bitchin’ getting my daily fix of APIA news when I saw their post on OpieRadio and their mockery of Asian Occupy Wall Street protesters. As an Asian and an Occupy protester myself, I was extremely interested.

Here’s what BB says:

Apparently, included in this “freak show” are two Chinese immigrants, one who used to work for Morgan Stanley, Citibank, and other Wall Street firms — and his friend who is there to support him and the larger movement. When one man speaks in Chinese to answer Opie’s (over-enunciated) question: “Why. Are. You. Here?OpieI don’t know what he’s saying!” (1:45 mark). After the other man translates, Opie mocks them with several “Ah, soooo

Well Opie, understand this: FUCK YOU!! Why these two well-spoken men were included in a montage with a girl in a bear costume who couldn’t answer why she was protesting or a guy speaking through a puppet rat is totally ridiculous and offensive. Why are they “freaks”…because they’re Asian and have accents? Also, did he make oinking noises at the girl at 2:20? Class act.

This video on its own is pretty pathetic. But to include two articulate people who besides being immigrants have no “freak” qualities to them is downright racist. This brings to mind Fox’s lovely football interviews (the video has been taken down and at the moment, I cannot find it) when the interviewer did the classic speak-slow-and-speak-loudly thing people somehow find appropriate to do when around non-native English speakers. 

Thank you OpieRadio for giving us another reason to be ANGRY.

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Who Are the 1 Percent?

(Source: Mother Jones)

Monday, October 10, 2011

Sign Language from socially_awkwrd on Vimeo.

Sign Language

25 Most Frequently Appearing Words of Interest in All We Are 99% Tumblr Texts

25 Most Frequently Appearing Words of Interest in All We Are 99% Tumblr Texts