Friday, September 2, 2011
“White people have all kinds of archetypes, from Brad Pitt to Al Bundy, everything in between. The cultural paradigms that are aggressively promoted to young black people and young poor people are extremely narrow.” - Mos Def

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do you like the street etiquette blog? the quote is from an article about it.

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And honestly, that’s true for most non-White non-Christian heteronormative groups. It pervades media, classrooms, policy, and most importantly, the views of “normal Americans.” 

My neighborhood is heavily Mediterranean immigrants, with the latest mass influx coming after the Balkan wars. The difference between how people act toward the Bulgarians versus the Egyptians is nauseating. It doesn’t matter if a Russian girl almost never speaks English while the Yemeni man is nearly fluent and profoundly well-spoken for the amount of time he’s known the language—he is treated as odd, un-assimilatable, not in concert with “our” values, etc., while she is treated with indulgence or, at worst, non-attention.

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Totally. A white European newcomer’s acculturation or command of the language will always be perceived as better than say, the articulate Egyptian, regardless of what is actually said. As a visible minority, I often get one reaction over the phone (before they hear my ‘ethnic’ name) and a different one face-to-face.

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