Sunday, December 4, 2011


I get “Where are you from?” (A: “From here.”) or “Are you [x]?” “No.” If I’m feeling generous/confrontational, for the second question I’ll answer “No, I’m Jewish.” Both are very NYC—growing up down South, it was just, “What are you?”

Yeah, then when I mention my Canadian roots, the questioner invariably insists on finding out about the Asian background. It is as if a non-white person couldn’t possibly be Canadian or American, happens to Asians all the time; forever the foreigner.


  1. aka14kgold said: ALWAYS. Asians are always foreigners here, no matter how many generations they’ve been in the Americas… It’s really mind-boggling. I will say that I saw that specific response less in DC than I do here; in NYC it’s treated as an absolute rule.
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