Friday, September 16, 2011
Enough to feed your family - it’s not too much to ask

A living wage, enough to meet a workers’ basic needs, and the needs of her children, seems like a fundamental common sense part of any company’s responsibility.

Yet, this year, when we asked top highstreet retailers what they were doing to ensure workers were paid a living wage, fashion giants Gap and H&M both told us they were working towards paying a minimum wage to workers, which in production countries is often less than half what a worker will need to care for and feed her family.

You can take action now to call on these brands to do better.

Source: Labour Behind the Label


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    The minute you buy anything, you´re making a choice and supporting the system. Don´t try to pretend it´s someone else´s...
  4. aka14kgold said: You know, almost all my H&M stuff is made in the Balkans. If they used appropriate rendition of that, they could show that White people!are affected too! Which may actually get more people to pay attention…
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